pet boarding canton Ohio


With our pet boarding in Canton, OH encourage you to bring any treats or toys that will make your animal feel more comfortable during his or her stay with us. If you do not provide your pet’s brand of food, we will feed them a gastroenteric veterinary brand that promotes good digestion. We will closely monitor your pet’s food intake, bowl movements and urination. 

By keeping a close eye on your furry family member we can ensure that their pet boarding visit stays safe, healthy and happy. If your pet needs any medical attention during his or her stay, we will contact you and have one of our veterinarians on staff attend to your pet. 

If your dog stays for 3 or more nights at our facility, we will give him or her a free refreshing bath before going home.

Our dog and cat boarding include indoor kennels and cages in a temperature controlled environment. Our facilities do not have outdoor access for your pet, but our kennels are always kept clean. Cats are housed separately from the dogs. For the safety of your pet, we only board animals that are current on their vaccinations. Proof of immunizations is required upon check-in. We require:

  • DHPP
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella


8am-3pm Monday-Friday

Pet Boarding Prices

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